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About Us

We are a global innovative cybersecurity company inspiring change by breathing new life into digital security with an air of convenience and sensibility.

Available for a low cost, our easy to integrate solutions provide an extra layer of protection for your services. At PolyDigi, we ensure your services are safe and your customers are protected.

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Our Products

  • Easy Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


    ezyMFA stands as the world's first and most sophisticated OTP-less and biometric-based universal authenticator. It offers businesses the versatility to authenticate their customers through a variety of Instant Messaging (IM) channels, including iMessage, WhatsApp, SMS, and more.

  • British innovative Password Manager


    BioPass is a password manager that leverages our distinctive password-less authentication system, ezyMFA, along with our secure chat channel, MyBizChat. These tools ensure a comprehensive identity verification for end-users prior to accessing the company's system.

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  • ChatApp for Consumer Services


    MyBizChat is an innovative communication tool that revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their clients. It addresses and eliminates the risk of impersonation, a prevalent issue in digital communication, by ensuring that hackers cannot send messages through our secure channel. This significantly reduces the threat of ransomware, data breaches, and phishing, offering a disturbance-free experience to end-users. Additionally, MyBizChat removes the need for end-users to input their email addresses, simplifying the verification process and enhancing user satisfaction. It also solves the common problem of legitimate messages being misidentified as junk mail. With an emphasis on ease of communication, surpassing traditional email methods, MyBizChat ensures messages are not only delivered but also read by the end-users, thus establishing a more reliable and efficient line of communication between businesses and their clients.